Bridal Expo Agreement

Standard booth rental locations may be changed at discretion of CP/OWS to space out vendor specialties

The contracted vendor agrees to the following terms.  

1. The exhibitor agrees to follow all rules of the event outlined by Claiborne Productions (CP). CP has the right to issue additional rules and alter existing rules as deemed necessary.

2. The exhibitor shall protect, identify, and hold harmless CP from any and all claims, loses, costs, damages, or expenses of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of the event. CP nor the show facility shall be responsible for the personal safety of the exhibitor or its representatives from injury, nor the safety of the property of the exhibitor from theft or damage. The exhibitor waives all claims of every kind against CP, show facility, and all representatives of the same, all claims for damages based on personal property damage, destruction, loss or theft, personal injury of death.

3. The exhibitor understands and agrees that the bridal lead database distributed by CP to the exhibitor is for the exhibitors use only. The exhibitor agrees not to duplicate or distribute the list. The list will remain the property of CP. CP has the discretion to withhold lists or Email addresses if there are other Bridal Expos/Shows being produced within 12 weeks of a CP Bridal Expo/Show. Once the Bridal Show/Expo is over the list and/or Email addresses will be distributed. CP will send out an Email Blast for the Vendor at the cost of the Email Blast being charged to the Vendor during this time the list is being held.

4. CP reserves the right to cancel this agreement for any reason. If CP cancels this agreement, the liability of CP shall be limited to the return of any amounts paid by the exhibitor without interest or penalty.

5. CP reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company to exhibit in the show and further reserves the right to reject or cancel any application and/or limit the number of exhibitors in any business category

6. CP will make best efforts to assign exhibit space per the wishes of the exhibitor, however CP reserves the right to place the exhibitor at any location of its choosing up until the commencement of the event

7. The exhibitor shall (a) keep their booth attended throughout the event hours, (b) not permit any garbage or trash to accumulate, (c) provide and/or pay for labor needed to set up and take down any display, (d) not permit the loud playing of music, radio, television or other device, (e) ensure that their display signs or other equipment are displayed in a professional and neat manner, (f) ensure that all displays are free standing and do not exceed the boundaries of their exhibit space.

8. CP reserves the right to determine at what point audio and/or video constitutes interference with others and must be discontinued

9. The exhibitor shall not share or sublet its space or promote any other business at the show without the consent of CP. The exhibitor shall distribute and solicit business from their assigned booth. Excessive use of the aisle ways such that it interferes with other exhibitors is prohibited. 

10. In the event of adverse weather conditions, fire, casualty, disaster, labor disputes, acts of God, acts of War, Terrorism, or any other emergency situations beyond the control of CP and the event must be cancelled, CP will, at its discretion, reschedule and/or procure alternate space for the show. The exhibitor agrees that the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement shall apply to any rescheduled event and/or location. CP will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the exhibitor for reason of such rescheduling and/or relocation of the show.