Cincinnati Ohio Wedding Expo
Manor House
January 21, 2024

Get A Booth

Show Details and Setup Information

Whether you're a new vendor or an experienced exhibitor, our wedding shows and expos presents a fantastic opportunity for you. Drawing excited attendees from across the region, this event caters to both newly engaged couples and those well into their wedding planning journey, actively seeking vendors in specific categories. 

Vendor Talks

You can even seize this chance to showcase your expertise and elevate your presence by giving an educational Talk. Ohio Wedding Show Talks enable you to showcase your expertise to an audience of engaged listeners, demonstrating your in-depth knowledge in your field. For more information on vendor talks or submit a talk proposal for this show click the link in the event menu.

Door Prizes

Vendors, seeking a strategic edge to boost your sales and engagement should consider the power of door prizes. These enticing incentives act as magnets, drawing interested attendees to your booth. Think beyond simple giveaways; curate prizes relevant to your target audience, sparking conversations and showcasing your products in action.

  • Enhanced engagement: Prizes act as conversation starters, creating a platform to showcase your offerings and build valuable connections with potential buyers.
  • Positive brand perception: The excitement generated by door prizes fosters a vibrant atmosphere, associating your brand with fun and generosity, leaving a lasting positive impression.
  • Targeted promotion: Tailor your prizes to your target audience. Offer relevant products or experiences, subtly demonstrating your understanding of their needs and preferences.

Remember, door prizes are an investment, not an expense. The increased sales and brand building they generate can far outweigh the initial cost so start strategizing today, and prepare to unlock the hidden potential of door prizes!

Set-Up and Teardown Information

Set-Up Time:  Morning of the show – 8:00am to 10:45am

Must be set up by 11:00am – show opens at 11am

Move-in / Load-in instructions:  All equipment and supplies must be loaded in at the dock area which is out front in-between the 2 Main Entrance Doors. We will have a Sign out Front to mark the location.

PARKING: All Vendors must park in the BACK of the lot on the DAY OF THE SHOW to allow the couples and attendees to park in the front.

Show Times:  11am to 3:00pm

Tear Down: Tear down will not begin before until 3:00pm. If you have to tear down early for a specific reason it must be 

approved in advance by Ohio Wedding Shows.  

Booth Rental and Add-ons

Payment:  Payment in full is due 14 days before the event. If you do not have your booth paid in full, please contact us to have a current invoice sent along with online payment options. You can also make a payment at any time at the bottom of this exhibitor’s website under the vendor services area.

Attendees Database:  You will receive a complete database with name and email addresses of all attendees that attended the show and who agreed to receive vendor correspondence. Payment in full is required to receive this database. 

Cash Bar:  There will be a Cash Bar available during the show. 

Electric Cost:  $59.00

Electric:  Electric is offered as an add on to booth rental. If you need Electric for your booth make sure it is listed on your invoice / agreement. Electric is distributed before vendor move-in, contact us if you need to add electric or have any questions about power usage.

Table Cost: 6 Foot $30.00 / 8 Foot $40.00  

Tables:  Tables are offered as an add on to booth rental for $30.00 / $40.00.  You are welcome to bring your own tables with you, but if you need a table(s) make sure it is listed on your invoice / agreement. Tables are setup before vendor move-in, contact us if you need a table.


If you have any questions contact us at anytime. Our goal is for you to be informed and have a smooth and successful wedding show !